Swan song for the sea

Originally published March 20, 2013 in Capital Times.  When Mara Simpson and her guitar landed back in New Zealand she made a goal to go swimming every day. Well, almost every day, she confesses to Amanda Witherell at a café on a morning before the sun’s high enough to hit the beach. When Mara and The … Continue reading Swan song for the sea

Not playing it cool

Originally published March 13, 2013 in Capital Times.  Eamonn Marra hates being labelled, and it is impossible to say he’s one thing. Writer, musician, student, radio show DJ, zine-maker, prolific reader, relentless multimedia chronicler of life at http://www.yourjokesarealwaysbad.tumblr.com – all of the above applies. Since he moved to Wellington about a year ago, he’s added stand-up … Continue reading Not playing it cool

The Datsuns – Behind the wheel

Once upon a turn-of-the-century time, The Datsuns churned out cutting edge rock from the sleepy Waikato town of Cambridge. A decade later the four are scattered like sparks – living in Stockholm, London, Auckland, and Wellington. Has distance diminished the fire of this well-known and revered Kiwi band? It’s the middle of the night in … Continue reading The Datsuns – Behind the wheel

Jordie Lane – On the road again

Jordie Lane is a singer songwriter who gathers no moss. He’s been rolling over half the world during the past year, touring the North American folk festival scene, having a well-received acting debut as Gram Parsons in the theatric musical Grievous Angel: The Legend of Gram Parsons, accompanying British troubadour Billy Bragg on an Australian … Continue reading Jordie Lane – On the road again

Thomas Oliver – For the love of the lap

Thomas Oliver, front man of his popular eponymous bluesy rock band has been spending a lot of lap time with his slide guitar – a reproduction of an obscure 1920s-era instrument built in Los Angeles by Hermann Weissenborn. Oliver tells Amanda Witherell about his upcoming all-Weissenborn album and how he helped put a Weissenborn copy … Continue reading Thomas Oliver – For the love of the lap

Delaney Davidson – Congratulations…You’re a Loser

When Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams perform, it’s like the ghosts of Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and so many other classic crooners are on stage with them. Amanda Witherell talks to Davidson about his shift from a one man band to the powerful duo with Williams. Twice I’ve seen the powdered visage of Davidson and … Continue reading Delaney Davidson – Congratulations…You’re a Loser

Daniel Boobyer – The collector

Daniel Boobyer likes to leave little secrets tucked amongst the guitar riffs and lyrics of his songs. A clap of thunder, the hiss and rattle of wind, the beep of an incoming text message, the clicking of keys – all the ambient noise that a city like Wellington freely offers is captured in his lo-fi … Continue reading Daniel Boobyer – The collector

Iva Lamkum — Don’t call her a diva

  Iva Lamkum sits at No.5 on MTV Iggy’s list of “13 Real Divas from Around the World,” but the 27-year-old Wellingtonian is about as down to earth as they come. She greets Amanda Witherell – a complete stranger and writer ready to grill her about her life – with a full-on hug.  “I’m not … Continue reading Iva Lamkum — Don’t call her a diva

Louis Baker — Very happy with it

Louis Baker must have an old soul. You hear it in his singing voice, richer and fuller than his youth should warrant; you see it in the way he strums his guitar on stage; you feel it in his presence, broad shouldered, steady, and thoughtful. Asked when he expects to finish his first solo EP, … Continue reading Louis Baker — Very happy with it