These farms deliver

Evil Genius record store in Berhampore is an unlikely place to get a box of vegetables, but that’s where some Wellington residents go for theirs every Thursday. They’re not perusing the vinyl looking for victuals, though – they’re subscribers to Wairarapa Eco Farms’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. The concept is simple, but the ramifications … Continue reading These farms deliver

Zealandia – Close encounters of the bird kind

Spring seems pretty ho-hum in evergreen Wellington. No huge blazes of colour rip across the hills. No ambrosial scents dare ride this wind. Sure, there’s a slight vertical tilt to the sunshine, a little more birdsong, and grass seeds clinging to my boots, but for my first vernal Wellington, I’m wondering what’s going on. I … Continue reading Zealandia – Close encounters of the bird kind

Tonnes of treasure trapped in trash

Last Sunday, Wellington officially switched from analogue to digital broadcasting. While it doesn’t render old cathode ray televisions entirely obsolete, most viewers dealt with the change by purchasing new televisions, which means a lot of sets gathering dust in the garage or taken to the dump. Amanda Witherell looks at what happens if you do the right … Continue reading Tonnes of treasure trapped in trash

Waning wildlife

Waning wildlife Bay Area wildlife is already being negatively affected by a warmer world By Amanda Witherell Changes to ocean and air temperatures, rising sea levels, loss of habitat, scarcity of food, altered precipitation patterns, environmental asynchronicity — these are the concerns of wildlife biologists who are watching the increased effects of climate change on … Continue reading Waning wildlife