Steam is up for sci-fi

Originally published March 6, 2013 in Capital Times.  It’s New Zealand Book Month and Amanda Witherell talks to one of Wellington’s newest and smallest publishers about how to print quality books and still be able to feed the cat. You don’t, according to Stephen Minchin. “I’ve lost chunks of money. It’s kind of depressing,” says the … Continue reading Steam is up for sci-fi

Diplomatic Ladies

Originally published on January 23, 2013 in Capital Times. An affair with H.G. Wells, hidden homosexuality, undercover spies, and coups before teatime, Diplomatic Ladies: New Zealand’s Unsung Envoys is a page-turning account of what really goes on behind embassy doors. Not just a chronicle of juicy anecdotes, the book details the inherent sacrifices wives and … Continue reading Diplomatic Ladies

Looks make the musician

It was important to look the part: country singer Ron Hayward photographed at Desgranges Studio in Te Kuiti, circa 1949. Ray Hayward’s stash of photographs is one of the great finds Chris Bourke uncovered while researching for his award-winning book Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music 1918-1964 – now an exhibition … Continue reading Looks make the musician

On the stage and off the page

If poems always sounded dull to you, do not go gentle into that good poetry slam – the words were meant for the stage, not the page and whoever excites the audience most, wins. This week the top 12 spoken word poets from around New Zealand compete for the National Poetry Slam, no music, no … Continue reading On the stage and off the page

A Kiwi bromance

    Two brothers are the brains and heart behind the new film Two Little Boys. Sitting together at Deluxe Café, sharing a brownie carefully sliced into equal halves, Robert and Duncan Sarkies tell Amanda Witherell how Duncan’s initial sketch of a novel about three bogans in a van driving around the Catlins becomes a … Continue reading A Kiwi bromance